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REPORTING: The school is the main link in the organization of patriotic education of youth - Denisenko

Today, on the basis of the 5th Special Brigade of Special Forces in Maryina Gorka, an open day was held for teachers and schoolchildren. The event was timed to the 100th anniversary of the Armed Forces of Belarus. In his welcoming speech, the commander of the special operations forces of the Armed Forces, Major-General Vadim Denisenko, noted the special role of the school in organizing the patriotic upbringing of the future defenders of the Motherland and congratulated everyone on the upcoming holiday. The correspondents of BelTA together with the students tried to find out who he is, a soldier of the Belarusian army of the XXI century, and what subjects need to be paid more attention in the senior classes so that urgent service in the Armed Forces is most useful and interesting.

Students from all regions of Belarus came to visit the special forces on the eve of the Day of Defenders of the Fatherland. Most of them are winners of the republican creative drawing contest "The Army with the Eyes of Children". Together with class leaders and school directors, the children took part in the ceremony of laying wreaths at the memorial to the soldiers of the unit who died when fulfilling the international debt.

After that, the guests visited the educational building and the barracks of the servicemen. In classes similar to school, the special interest of the children was aroused by special simulators. "It's like a computer game, it's only steeper!" - Every now and then the boys shouted. Visiting the barracks and getting acquainted with the life of the Belarusian soldier, the future defenders of the Fatherland were interested in servicemen, for how many seconds it is necessary to refuel the bed and how long to learn it.

The most interesting and impressive moment of the tour of the brigade for schoolchildren was the scout path - a number of engineering obstacles and obstacles. On a 600 m strip, soldiers demonstrated physical endurance, courage, determination, resourcefulness in overcoming various obstacles: a boardwalk, metal and stone fences, a dilapidated building, a chimney, a concrete and brick wall with glass. The servicemen climbed the facade of the building, climbed the rope to the tower, crossed the wire barriers, and so on. All the action was accompanied by bright special effects: the tires burned, here and there automatic machines and grenade explosions were imitated. The spectacle was so exciting that even the girls wanted to join the army.

The demonstration speeches of the special forces only strengthened the desire of the students to go into the army at any price - and it was in the 5th separate special task brigade. Director of the capital's gymnasium number 75 named. Maslenikova P.V. Vasily Ananko also noted the importance of today's event in the patriotic education of the younger generation. "Absolutely everybody admires the courage of our servicemen who took part in the demonstration performances, it was very interesting for the girls and the boys, they saw and understood live in what conditions the guys who are ready at any moment to defend our Motherland are serving," Vasily Ananko said.

Sergey Lagun is a pupil of the 2nd class. Long told about what a delicious soldier's buckwheat porridge with stew, which they fed in a military tent near the stove. Asked whether the journalists saw how the military fired, he added: "When I grow up, I will join the army." A soldier is a very strong, brave and big man, he is respected by all. "

"The school is the main link in the organization of patriotic education of the youth," Major General Vadim Denisenko said, "Patriotism does not appear at once, it needs to be educated for a long time - starting with the family, the kindergarten, the school, the army and the institute go on. we already have our convictions, we can only polish them, so when a soldier leaves the army, it's already a citizen of our country, and the foundation is laid by the school. "

The open-door day ended with a gala concert. Schoolchildren congratulated the military on the upcoming holidays. The winners of the creative contest "The Army with the Eyes of Children" were also awarded. Deputy Information Minister Pavel Legky presented the library with a book.

The open door day on the basis of the 5th separate spetsnaz brigade was organized in the framework of the cooperation between the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Education with the support of the Ministry of Information.

Svetlana BAKER


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