There are four state-run industrial enterprises in the Vileika region: the Vileika Bakery, a subsidiary of the Borisovkhlebprom company, Zenit company, the Vileika Woodworking Plant, Pamyat-B Company.

Private enterprises include Stroidetali Company, Vileika Furniture Plant (Molodechnomebel branch), the Vileika Animal Feed Mill, the Vileika Dairy Plant, the Vileika Repair Plant, Komdor Company, Losa Company.

  • Zenit Optical & Mechanical Company

Production: Non-ferrous metallurgy, fabricated hardware, technical rigging for machinery construction, medical and trade scales, auto components, repair parts for tractors, optical sights. The company employs 1069 people.

Director: Alexander Radchenko
Phone: +375 1771-39969
Reception room: +375 1771-39969
Sales department: +375 1771-58771

  • Stroidetali Company

Products: door units, window units, saw-timber, heating firewood.
The company employs 766 people.
Director: Sergei Zhuk
Phone: +375 1771-32500
Reception room: +375 1771-54259
Sales department: +375 1771-32505

  • Vileika Furniture Plant (Molodechnomebel branch)

Products: cabinet furniture units, kitchen sets, hall furniture units, tables, chairs, wardrobes, sofas, beds, saw-timber.
The company employs 326 people.
Director: Nikolai Piskunov
Phone: +375 1771-33452
Reception room: +375 1771-33732
Sales department: +375 1771-33751

  • Vileika Repair Plant

Products: auto components and repair parts, containers, garbage containers.

The company employs 111 people.

Director: Alexander Rabshtyna

Phone: +375 1771-55564
Reception room: +375 1771-54945
Sales department: +375 1771-54688

  • Vileika Bakery (Borisovkhlebprom branch)

Products: bread and bakery, confectionery, soft drinks, ready-made garments (working clothes).
The company employs 204 people.

Director: Anatolij Sergej
Phone: +375 1771-55291
Reception room: +375 1771-54402
Sales department: +375 1771-54550

  • Vileika Dairy Plant

Products: whole milk products, whole milk substitute, non-fat products, technical casein.

The company employs 250 people.

Director: Marina Voznyak

Phone: +375 1771-54941
Reception room: +375 1771-54941
Sales department: +375 1771-53184

  • Vileika Animal Feed Mill
    Products: mixed fodder, fodder blend, fish, meet including by-products, constructions and prefabricated ferroconcrete items.

The company employs 171 people.

Director: Sergei Ukleiko

Phone: +375 1771-55446
Reception room: +375 1771-32620
Sales department: +375 1771-55953

  • Komdor Company

Products: machinery and equipment for building and road maintenance, snow-ploughs, heating boilers, fabricated ferroconcrete items (mobile communication towers), containers.

The company employs 403 people.

Director: Valery Yazykov

Phone: +375 1771-54634
Reception room: +375 1771-54517
Sales department: +375 1771-54517

  • Losa Company

Products: door units
The company employs 124 people.

Director: Andrei Zubachev
Phone: +375 1771-33583, +375 1771 33584

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